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Search engine optimisation is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.

We work to understand your business, your audience and strengthen your website to achieve your goal.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process used to optimise a website's technical configuration, content relevance and back link popularity so its pages can become more findable, more relevant and popular towards user search queries, which as a result helps them to rank better in the search engine results pages and drives more (free!) traffic to your site. 

SEO focuses on the keywords that are most relevant and useful to your brand and works over the long term to rank you favourably in search term results for these terms.

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The Benefits of SEO.

+ SEO is free traffic 24/7

+ Increases brand visibility

+ Builds brand credibility and trust

+ Can work alongside Google Ads to amplify success

+ Generates quality leads

+ SEO is a long term strategy with long term gains

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Getting Qualified Organic Traffic is Challenging

Finding and targeting your audience can be easier in paid search - if you've got the budget and a qualified ads manager behind you, you can get to the top. But how do you do this organically?

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What you'll need to succeed in SEO:

  • A technically optimised site so your key pages can be discovered, indexed and ranked by search engines - we provide a thorough technical audit to uncover hidden barriers to your search visibility

  • Logical navigation and site structure to ensure users can find what they need as easily as possible, and to support your internal linking to show off your best pages to the search engines. We help simplify and standardise your site structure, putting your best content front and centre. 

  • Detailed keyword research, mapped to your key pages - our keyword research provides you with the best phrases to target in your on-page optimisation. Are you using the correct language on your pages to give you the best mix of search volume and relevance to your business?

  • Content marketing that supports your mission and helps demonstrate your sector expertise, showing your authority and building trust with potential new customers. Our content marketing plans help build the funnel, supporting your audience through key journey stages such as awareness, interest, consideration, purchase, and retention.

  • Relevant backlinks from authority sources - what is driving success for your competitors? How are they getting links and what can you learn from their approach?

  • Data analysis - do you know what is currently working for your site? We can analyse your current performance and use it to drive key SEO decisions, directing the work to where it is needed and uncovering synergies with your paid campaigns.

How It Differs From Google Ads

How It Differs From Google Ads

SEO strategies take a good few months to yield real results, while Google Ads can deliver near-instantaneous bursts of traffic.

Google Ads as a marketing tool can be turned on and off at will, while SEO delivers consistent organic results over the long term.

SEO strategies work best when they target a smaller collection of keywords and long-tail key phrases at a time.

Google Ads is a Pay Per Click platform. SEO on the other hand is a free traffic source. 

How SEO Works With Google Ads

How SEO Works With Google Ads

If you have the budget, Google Ads can be a great way to drive initial traffic and boost brand awareness while you wait for your SEO efforts to bear fruit. 

  Google Ads provides re-marketing capabilities for the products or services users have viewed via organic search (SEO).

Google Ads is a potential gold mine of valuable information you can use to improve everything from future product offerings to ongoing SEO efforts.

Google Ads can be a powerful way to determine which keywords really work for your brand in practice instead of just in theory. This can then inform your SEO efforts and keyword targeting. 

Kind Words

“The work structure provided was data driven and scientific. On both sides they were very thorough. A lot of marketers do good work, but not a lot provide great numbers and insight to back it up.”

Sharon, Hunters Estate Agents

Kind Words

“From paid search engine marketing to building our online presence, our time working together has helped take our business to the next level. First rate!"


Kind Words

“James has shown nothing but professionalism and attentiveness when it comes to our google business management. His outlook provides a great cost to benefit balance, and the results are not only tangible in the detailed reports he regularly supplies us with, but also in the increased traffic we ourselves has seen across the site. In three months we have seen a great return on our work with James for our business, and will continue to work with him because of this. Thank you James!!” 

Jess, Juice Traders

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