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Utilising Google Ads to drive targeted traffic to your website. 

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“Search Network Marketing allows you to reach customers at the exact moment they’re searching for your services/products – increasing your sales and attracting more site visitors.”

What Are Paid Google Ads?

Paid search advertising is one of the most popular forms of Google PPC advertising that uses an auction-based, Pay Per Click model to show text and product based listing ads on search engine results pages such as Google. How often your ads appear, the ad rank, and how much each click costs you, all depend on your bid and Quality Score (but don’t worry, we'll handle all of that). The immediacy of paid search campaigns allows you to drive traffic, leads and revenue to your website within an extremely short timeframe.

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The Benefits of Paid Search.

+ Paid search allows you to reach customers at the time and place they’re most likely to be interested in your product or service. 

+ Search Engine Marketing is data-driven from start to finish. Results can be measured on a daily basis. This data can then be used to give insights that you can use across your marketing programs. 

+ Google Paid Ads drastically increase brand awareness—even if an ad isn’t clicked, its prominence on a search results page ensures your brand is seen.

+ Since paid search ads target specific search queries, people who see your ads were already searching for a solution like yours.

+ Paid Search also includes the likes of Display Advertising across relevant websites and YouTube advertising, meaning you can drastically broaden your reach with targeted creative campaigns that work alongside search network ads.

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What We Offer

What We Offer

Our skilled team of paid search professionals each hold a wealth of experience across a number of competitive verticals and are driven to achieve absolute optimal performance for your budget. Our search engine marketing specialists are also fully certified, each holding Google Ads and Analytics qualifications. 

Our remote Google Ads agency contains specialists and consultants in all areas of paid advertising, to name a few: 

Google Shopping (PLAs)
Display Advertising
Search Network Marketing
Google My Business Advertising

We kick things off by getting to know your business and what your major goals are from your paid search campaign. Once we’ve fully established your objectives, we get to work on a search engine strategy that will work to deliver your campaign targets and KPIs. 

We operate in a zero ‘fluff’ way. By this, we mean we don’t use cheap sales tactics and useless data metrics to show our success. We’re upfront, honest, and let our work speak for itself. 

Our Results

Our Results

On average and dependant on the industry, our clients have seen the following improvements within a 3 month time frame:

Return on investment increased by 175%
Revenue increased by 180%
Cost per click reduced by 34%
Click-through rate increased by 185%

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“We had been through 3 google ad words specialists before I met James. We were seeing the same thing every time. One month of massive growth and then it would taper off and we wondered what we were paying for each month. James has come in and completely changed my view on google ad words and where I spend my marketing budget. Not only did we see results straight away, but we continue each month to see a steady stream of business through our ad words. He has really taken the time to research and learn as much as he can about how our business works and what we need to take it to the next level. I could not recommend James and Swell Media more. He has exceeded all my expectations."

Kind Words

“James at Swell Search has been an awesome partner for Coachio Group, helping us to greatly increase our customer enquiries through Google Ads. We couldn’t have done this without his technical knowledge and experience, and his professional but easy-going personality made the whole process very simple from our side.”

Ian, Coachio Group

Kind Words

“I was referred to James from Swell Search through another business after they mentioned a great increase in sales from using his services. Once I signed up with James, he did not disappoint in doing the same for my business. Sales have soared! Having monthly reports to review the analytics easily, and knowing that this side of the business is taken care of is a game-changer. I highly recommend James.”

Renee Ball, Lactation Station⁣

Kind Words

"Running a small business is tough and busy enough as it is, so outsourcing this kind of work to someone who lives and breathes it made pure sense to us. After 3 months we're seeing incredible results and only now realise how many sales we were potentially missing out on. We could not recommend James and Swell Search enough, he's an integral part of our online marketing strategy."

Andy, Petite Eats⁣

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